Update: Colchester Ave Improvements

I want to reach out to you about a very exciting opportunity to make important changes to Colchester Ave. I’ve already connected with dozens of you about this and look forward to working with whoever is interested in this issue.

In the coming weeks, the Public Works Commission (PWC) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) are making decisions about potential changes to Colchester Ave.

Along with many community members, I’m urging the PWC and DPW to consider adding bike lanes along the stretch of Colchester Ave between East Ave and Barrett. By removing parking along Colchester Ave, the lanes could be widened, and we could also add in bike lanes in both directions.

There are many reasons to do this: safety, accessibility, traffic reduction, efficiency, improved public transit being some.

For me, the biggest reason that I’m so passionate about this issue is because of climate change. As many of you know, climate change is the top issue that motivated me to run for City Council, and I plan to do everything I can to make sure we are addressing it. The science is clear: we have less than 12 years to drastically reduce emissions to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. In Vermont, we have so far failed to hit emissions reductions goals. In fact, emissions are UP by 16% from 1990 levels. We cannot afford to look the other way any more.

Over half of our emissions in VT are from transportation. It’s time to make sure that people are able to get around safely by bike and bus. Colchester Ave is one of the most important corridors in our City, and is heavily trafficked by commuters coming in and out of Burlington every day. It is critical that we make this street safe and accessible for all, no matter how they choose to travel.

This is a very exciting opportunity to improve our community and also to have an impact on climate change!

If you have questions or thoughts about this, or are interested in getting involved, please call or text me (802)-557-0605, or email me!

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