Council Update: May 20th 2019

Hi all,

At Monday’s council meeting we had three main items: 
1. Report from the Senior Study Committee 
2. Updates from Dept. of Public Works (DPW) on their Sustainable Infrastructure Plan 
3. A resolution I brought forward on energy efficiency in rental housing

1. The Senior Study Committee was created last fall and includes a variety of key stakeholders. Their main recommendation was for the City of “enter into a partnership with the Heineberg Community Senior Center to create two “campuses” for senior programming in the City of Burlington, one at the Champlain Senior Center and one at the Heineberg Community Senior Center.” The proposed budget from the City for this would be $58,000/year for the next three years. The committee is also asking for a one-time grant of $26,731 for FY20. There was no action taken on this item on Monday, it was just a report.

2. DPW presented the work they’ve done and have planned upcoming as part of the Sustainable Infrastructure Plan including paving, sidewalks, water resources, bike lanes, quick-builds, crosswalks, St. Paul St “great streets” project. Again, no action taken here, just a report. For more info on what DPW is up to, visit their construction portal at

3. I was very excited to bring this resolution forward. As many of you may remember, one of the key policy ideas I campaigned on was stronger requirements for landlords to weatherize rental units. Burlington is 60% renters, and many of us pay upwards of $200 or even $300/month in heating costs during the winter months due to inadequately weatherized housing. Heating and cooling of buildings is the second largest contributor to climate change in Vermont.

To get the ball rolling on policy that would require landlords to improve energy efficiency in their units, I wanted to start by getting as much information as possible around what policies are already in place that deal with this (and what about those policies has worked and hasn’t worked), and understand just how bad this problem is. This resolution asked Burlington Electric Department to compile this info into a report and present it at the July 15th Council meeting.

I’m so happy to report that the resolution passed the Council unanimously!

For more info feel free to visit my Facebook page, where I posted a video about the resolution, and also posted the full text of the resolution:

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