Update: Colchester Ave Improvements

The Public Works Commission unanimously approved the addition of bike lanes along the entire Northwest side of Colchester Ave, and the addition of a lane beginning at the top of the hill going down the steep section on the Southeast side.

The bike lanes will be coming this summer and I can’t wait!

This is another small step in the right direction, and it would not have happened without many of us advocating strongly in favor. We have a long way to go in combating climate change. Allowing people to safely move around without a car is a bare minimum in my mind, and I look forward to continuing to push for a true network of bike lanes around our city alongside a fantastic community of folks who I’ve gotten to know through this process.

While this plan had majority support, I’ve also been connecting with those who opposed it due to the inconveniences of parking loss. We are already coming up with creative solutions to help make these changes work better for those folks such as adding a crosswalk with lights going across Colchester at Chase, looking at turning Chase St. into residential only parking and allowing Colchester Ave residents to park there, and in one case, neighbors on Nash Pl allowing an impacted resident to use their guest parking pass when needed.

Thanks to all who got involved and helped make this happen!

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