Our campaign brought together community members from all walks of life in support of a bold agenda that prioritizes working people, marginalized populations, and the environment. Here are some of the community members who support our vision for the future. 

“Jack has shown his commitment to progressive values through grassroots organizing, political work, and a willingness to hear all points of view. I am confident that he will both collaborate with and sometimes challenge the city administration and local institutions on behalf of East District residents, as needed. I am proud to endorse him and serve as his campaign treasurer.” 

– Selene Colburn CHI 6-4 State Rep & Former East District City Councilor, Lathom Ct.

“I support Jack not only because of his strong values and desire to improve his community, but because he is someone who listens, respects others, and works to find solutions that benefit all. He is always seeking to involve and empower others, and that is the sign of true leadership.”

-Lt. Governor David Zuckerman

“Having worked closely with Jack, I am confident that he has what it takes to be an excellent city councilor. He is a tireless advocate for climate change and working people and those struggling to make ends meet. Jack’s thoughtfulness, awareness, and strong leadership are much needed on our council.”

-Chris Pearson, Vermont State Senator for Chittenden County, Brookes Ave.

“Jack will be a great addition to the City Council. Burlington needs to regain some of the bounce in its step and harness the energy of the next generation of city leaders. Jack fits the bill.”

– Tim Ashe, Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore

“Jack understands the interconnection of racial, economic, social, and environmental justice – and he will bring that lens to the City Council. He will also help shift the priorities of our city government away from developing our city for the wealthy, and towards improving conditions for those most in need. It is critical that we support his campaign.”

– Mark Hughes, Riverside Ave.

“As a full time musician and sound engineer in Burlington, it’s really important to me that we have people in City government who will fight against the forces that are pricing people out of Burlington. If we want a diverse city with a strong arts scene, we need to push for affordable housing and higher wages – and that’s what Jack will fight for if and when we get him elected.”

-Greg Rothwell, Nash Pl.

“I’ve known Jack for a long time and I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand how principled and committed he is. I’m excited to be supporting a candidate who shares my values and has the drive and ability to address climate change and other key issues facing us.”

– Julia Lees, Loomis St.

“I’m so happy to have a candidate of Jack’s caliber.  He shares my drive to make our city both affordable and green and has the ideal qualities to represent us in City Hall: he is deeply thoughtful and deeply principled, hard-working and caring, and committed to working intersectionally. He gives me hope for the future.”

– Julia Curry, Chase Lane

“Jack is a great guy, and since getting to know him I’ve learned he has strong morals, powerful and progressive ideas, and a good sense of where the downbeat is. As a resident of Burlington, a renter, and a young person concerned about the future of our climate, I’m proud to support Jack for city council.”

– Eamon Eusebio Callahan, Latham Ct.

“As we look to the future of the city we love and to renewed leadership on the City Council, we are so impressed with Jack’s skills as a listener. He is a person who looks for effective solutions across difference, and he cares deeply about all residents, young and old, privileged and challenged, newly arrived and lifelong Burlingtonians.” 

– Amy Wright & Gil Livingston, North St. 

“I moved to Burlington without knowing a single person and I was lucky to find Jack as a roommate. He has taken me under his wing and made Burlington feel like home. His love for our community is infectious. I’m proud to support his campaign.”

– Graham Turk, Pearl St.

“We have enjoyed getting to know Jack over the past few years. He’s thoughtful and compassionate and works very hard to understand all points of view. We are confident that he will be a strong representative on the city council, fighting for much needed improvements to the quality of life in Burlington.”

-Don Schramm & Barbara Nolfi, East Village Drive

“I can’t overstate my enthusiasm for Jack’s campaign – he’s pragmatic, progressive, and knowledgeable. Jack keeps a seat at the negotiating table for anyone that wants one, and it’s never just because he feels obligated; he values you and wants to make sure you are heard. If you want a leader who will strive for social and economic justice, mitigation of climate change on a local level, and putting power in the hands of his constituents rather than the highest bidder – look no further! I’ll hope you’ll join us in voting for Jack March 5th!”

– Julia Macuga, Riverside Ave.

“I have known Jack since I moved to Burlington almost 4 years ago. He has inspired me to be active in my community and be the change I want to see in this world. He is one of the most well-rounded people I have ever met and I can’t think of a more qualified, level-headed, and intelligent leader to stand up for a better Burlington. I am confident in Jack and his campaign, and I am honored to support it on March 5th!” 

-Jane Stromberg, President of the Renewable Energy Network UVM, East Ave 

“I know Jack as a coworker, a roommate and as a friend. I plan to live in Vermont for decades to come, and part of laying down roots here means getting people into office who will fight for our climate and for economic and social justice. I plan to work hard to get Jack elected and I hope you’ll join me.”

– Marcie Gallagher, Pearl St.

“I’ve known Jack as a coworker and as a friend. He’s incredibly committed to making our community better, and he has the work ethic, patience, and listening skills to be able to actually do so.”

– Sarah Van Ness, North St.

“We have never been more excited about a candidate for city council than we are about Jack.  He is informed, dynamic, and committed,  and will be a powerful and thoughtful voice for Ward 1 and the East District. We are proud to support his campaign.”

– Dean Corren & Cindy Wolkin, Brookes Ave.

As a young leader engaged in our community, and as a professional working on climate change, Jack will bring much needed perspectives to the council to advance social, economic, and climate justice.

– Ali Dieng, Ward 7 City Councilor

Jack will fight to keep Burlington affordable for people of all backgrounds, and to involve community members in decision making. His inclusive and thoughtful leadership style is exactly what we need on the City Council.

– Max Tracy, Ward 2 City Councilor

“Jack is the only candidate in this race who will stand up for renters, working families, and students alike. We need Jack’s bold vision for the future and his collaborative work style on the council so that young working people, like myself, can afford to stay here after graduating. I’m going to work hard to elect Jack on March 5th, and I encourage everyone to join our campaign!” 

Betsy McGavisk, co-chair of UVM Progressives, Bradley St.

“Jack shares my values on climate change and affordable housing and has the energy and work ethic to be a strong voice on the city council. It speaks volumes that Jack is out there in the cold knocking on doors to hear from me and my neighbors. He has my vote and I encourage others to support him as well.”

-Charlene Wallace, Grove St. 

“Jack is thoughtful, intelligent, and listens to constituents. I support him because he has a good pulse on the issues and will be a strong advocate for the interests of those living in Ward 1 and the vulnerable in our city.”

– Lisa Lax, Thibault Pwky. 

“I’m voting for Jack because our local government needs to focus on the affordability crisis and needs to do a better job of holding landlords accountable. We also need to step up on addressing climate change locally. I’m confident Jack will lead on these important issues.”

– Amelia Trello, Bradley St.

“You can’t truly represent people unless you talk to them and understand them. Jack Hanson is the only candidate who has been knocking on doors in my neighborhood – no matter the weather- and truly listening to people and incorporating their ideas into his policy positions.”

-Brandon Gamble, Colchester Ave 

“As someone who works for non-profits, it’s so important to me that Burlington remains affordable for people of all incomes. We need councilors who will stand strongly to fight against rising housing costs and for social, economic, and climate justice. Please join me and vote for Jack!”

 – Jackie Tames, North Willard St. 

“We need city councilors who fill fight for all of us. Jack has been out knocking on doors and attending events every single day, working to understand the needs of our community. He deserves our support because if we get him elected he will support us right back.” 

– Destiny Andrews, Winooski Ave.

“I support Jack Hanson in his campaign for city council. He has a gentle candor and is very thoughtful about how we can improve the health and welfare of our city in areas such as affordable housing, climate solutions, and revitalizing our local democracy. I am a big fan of political leaders who support our community’s future, and who support social justice, as Jack does.”

-Todd Miller, Centennial Ct.

“I’m supporting Jack because we need new energy in City Hall. Jack will bring a progressive voice into the council and will work to prevent Burlington from becoming increasingly unaffordable for so many. I’m proud to support his campaign.”

– Moe O’Hara, Grove St. 

“Jack is exactly the type of city councilor Burlington needs. He has our best interests at heart and will always stand for what is right. People like Jack make Burlington the place I want to live.”

– Hitesh Shewakramani, East Ave.

“As students, we feel that it’s our responsibility to make climate change an issue that’s taken seriously by all politicians. Jack Hanson has devoted his life to combatting climate change, and has the strongest vision for how to get Burlington off of fossil fuels. He’s the only candidate that has shown he’s willing to listen, and more importantly, help all people that are living in the Burlington community, especially those most marginalized.”

– Emma Page + Maggie Friel, Colchester Ave. 

“I had given up on politics until I found Jack’s inspiring campaign. Grassroots organizing, leadership to unite people, conviction of values, and openness to engage with everyone regardless of where they stand are all rare qualities in a candidate. He’s got my vote on Tuesday, March 5 – I hope he has yours as well.” 

– Alex LaVin, Main St. 

“I had given up on politics until I found Jack’s inspiring campaign. Grassroots organizing, leadership to unite people, conviction of values, and openness to engage with everyone regardless of where they stand are all rare qualities in a candidate. He’s got my vote on Tuesday, March 5 – I hope he has yours as well.”

– Andy Hard & Robin Perlah, Chase St.

“As someone with a background in social work, I’m so excited by Jack’s passion for affordable local housing as well as his dedication to keeping corrupt influences out of politicians’ pockets.” 

– Kelly Dobler, Colchester Ave.

“At a time when we feel divided and defensive, Jack Hanson provides an important alternative. He listens carefully and thoughtfully to all his neighbors and responds with understanding and respect. He recognizes how much we have in common rather than what divides us, and he has creative and sound approaches to many of the problems our city faces.”

– Carol Livingston, Calarco Ct. 

“I’m supporting Jack because I believe his voice will bring positive change to Burlington, especially on issues that matter to me. Government transparency, public input, and value of public assets would all be improved by having Jack on city council. He has the skills, ambition, and practicality to get us there — I’m excited to vote for Jack on March 5th.”

– Nate Lantieri, S. Union St. 

“As someone with a background in social work, I’m so excited by Jack’s passion for affordable local housing as well as his dedication to keeping corrupt influences out of politicians’ pockets.”

– Caroline Clark, College St.

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